Eye for Design

“Balance, contrast and texture are the foundations of all design. Whether I’m creating a set design, editing a photo or writing brochure copy, I’m applying these basic principles. I can tell your brand’s story with just a few simple lines.”


Angelica has been working in design for over 5 years.

From movie sets in California to large nonprofits in Portland, Angelica has a diverse background in marketing and design work. She takes continued learning seriously, and is always adding to her skills set. Specializing in storytelling, she can bring clients or supporters on board through the power of design. Currently, she is looking to be part of a creative team.



Brochures, flyers, car wraps and magazines. Angelica can design your logo, write your copy and layout your company collateral. Need to revamp your brand identity kit? Need one from scratch? Angelica worked with clients at both stages.


Lights, camera, action! Script writing, production design, art direction and full-suite editing. Angelica can work with you to tell your story on film.

New Media

Pitch decks, Facebook ads and email marketing. Angelica has experience managing new media marketing campaigns. With her background in sales, she can put together an excellent presentation. Your customers are online, go get ’em!


Mostly a hobby, Angelica enjoys taking shots in nature. She has applied this passion to professional settings for headshots and collecting royalty-free assets.



2018 – 2020

Graphic Designer: web design, illustrations, poster design, logo design, marketing copy, email marketing

Assistant Editor: scene editing, sound editing, color correction, special effects, foley assistant, file management 

Art Director: set design, set dressing, greens, props manager, mood boards for department heads, set labor, wardrobe labor

Additional Assistant Director: additional camera operator, set management, call sheet and other administrative duties

Marketing Coordinator

2016 – 2018

Managed marketing campaigns for small business. Updated company identity kit. Designed website, online ads, print mailers, email marketing. Improved Yelp rating from 3 to 5 stars. Expanded client base by 15% annually, with 90% retention.

Freelance Production

2019 – 2022

Production Designer: concept enhancement, major greens design, set design and execution, management of Art Labor

Prop Master: breakaways construction, aging of materials, collection and labelling of props

Head Wardrobe: communicate design concept to talent, selection and organization of clothing

Art Director: set design, art, props, set dressing, set labor, special effects

Manager & trainer of PA team

Project Administrator

2014 – 2016

Project manager of B2B software rollout. Developed and executed marketing timeline including: flyers, presentations, articles and launch event. Required board collaboration, identifying department influencers, designing within 2 brand guidelines and measuring KPI’s. In addition, IT help desk contact for the software.

Let’s make something together.